About Legends Rugby

Legends Rugby seeks to operate as a mechanism for bridging
the gap between the amateur and the professional worlds that
exist within Rugby.

For the players, this is achieved through the establishment of
tournaments in which "ex" and current international players, are
combined with young players and other fringe players who, if
provided with the opportunity, may prove that they too are worthy
of higher honours.

The Promotion of young and fringe talent, through the amatuer
ethos where rugby is played seriously, but for fun, is one of the
core principals of the Legends philosophy.

The Legends is about inclusion and the enjoyment that the
worldwide rugby fraternity has traditionally provided.
Rugby Union prides it self on being different to other sports.
Historically there always has been a worldwide rugby family.
It is the fundamental goal of Rugby Legends to ensure that
this sense of community - the traditional ethos of rugby - never dies.

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